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What Make The Aquasport 52 Pool The Number One Semi Inground Pool, Fully Buried Above Ground Pool?

What Makes the Aquasport 52 Number 1

1a aquasport pool semi inground with bushes
The Aquasport 52 Pool wall is assembled one panel at a time, each interlocking with the last. Each panel is made of thick extruded aluminum, and measures 4″ x 52″. The columns, or ribs you see in the wall, are where each panel lock together. Each panel has two channels, a receiving channel, and a bead. By joining together these panel’s, sliding the bead of one panel, into the receiver of the other channel, the wall forms a super strong vertical column every 4 inches.
So not only are the wall panels themselves thick, but by locking them together you create a wall that just won’t buckle. With all pools, your pool only lasts as long as your wall.
aquasport pool 3 step deck
aquasport pool 3 step deck

Aluminum Pool Walls
It has been proven over the years, that no pool wall lasts longer than an aluminum pool wall. They do not rust and actually become stronger as they get cold. It is also a fact that thick extruded aluminum interlocking panels make the strongest pool wall. These pools are best suited for semi-inground installations.

Framing Of The Aquasport 52
The bottom track of this pool is almost 4 inches wide (aluminum), with a ninety degree angle added for strength. Each length of bottom track is bolted together using aluminum plates thicker than your pinky finger, and bolts thicker than your index finger.
Once the pool is assembled, it could literally be picked up and moved if you had enough people.

Top Rails Of The Aquasport 52 Pool
The top rails are ridged extruded aluminum. Compare that to the resin (cough *plastic) pools of today. You have to make a really thick piece of resin, if your going to compare it to the strength of real metal. Metal that by the way, will be worth something in 30 to 40 years.
All above ground pools, or semi inground pools rely on a cheap piece of plastic to receive the liner bead. The Aquasport 52 top rails have bead channel built into them. When the top rail is extruded at the factory, the bead channel is formed as part of the aluminum top rail. This means you will never have to take the pool apart to replace the liner.

The top rails of this pool are exactly like the coping of an inground pool. That’s why you can pour a cement deck, or install patio block over the top rails if you want.

Aquasport 52 Pools Sizes
All the Aquasport 52 pool models have a 52 inch wall. That goes for their oval pools, and their round Pools. Even their rectangle pools, but those go by another name, and have a deck as part of the construction.
Round Pool Sizes

All the Aquasport 52 Oval Pools have buttresses and straps, to support the long straight sides of the pool. You can see them in this partially built semi inground oval. You can also see the wide bottom track I was mentioning earlier.
Aquasport 52 Pools For Sale
We do sell them and ship these pools all over the country. Call us for more info on Aquasport,Pools, Buster Crabbe Pools 919 621 7471

Having a new above ground swimming pool for the family is money well spent. The great memories created in your own backyard makes it all worth it. An investment like this is definitely maximum fun per dollar. All that is required is a few hours work and you will be rewarded with decades of good times.

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Aquasport 52 Pool with Stained Concrete Deck
Aquasport 52 Pool with Stained Concrete Deck

Many people wonder if they are capable of installing their own pool. Fact is most of you purchase a pool and dive right into the set up, and nearly 75% of all pools we sell are self installed. So the short answer is “yes you can.” To set your mind at ease we are going to discuss briefly what is involved in the installation process. Hopefully you will get a better understanding if this can be accomplished by you or if a professional pool installer is needed.

Installation of an above ground pool is divided into two phases. The first phase is ground preparation. A swimming pool must be constructed of a level surface, so your pool placement area must be as flat as possible. Because most desired pool locations are fairly flat, this is usually just a matter of removing grass and leveling the earth slightly. This part of the installation process is the most difficult because of the labor involved. Moving sod and dirt requires the use of a shovel, but a sod cutter or a small bobcat can make the job easier. If desired, these tools can be rented hourly at any equipment rental outlet throughout the nation.

The second half of the above ground pool installation is much easier but a few more tools are required for completion. From this point out, building the pool itself is much like a giant erector set. First leveling the framework with a simple carpenters level is all that is needed. The remainder of the installation is primary made up of screwing many smaller metal components together to complete the pool. A cordless drill will make this much easier.

The instruction manuals give a list of tools required for completion but I will say the they all consist of typical hand tools that most people have in their household tool box. I may be forgetting a few but they are a shovel, level, razor knife, duct tape, tube of silicone, pliers, tape measure, spray paint, hammer, screw drivers, cordless drill with various bits and a gallon of water for you to drink. Most above ground pools are installed during the hottest months of the year, so remember to stay cool, stay hydrated and take your time.

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For the DIY crowd, installation of most all above ground pools are completed in only a day or weekend depending on pool size. If this does not appeal to you, there are professional pool installers that can do a fantastic job and typically have your pool installation completed in a single day. If this sounds like a better way to go for you, simply call our sales department for help locating a pool installer or check Craigslist or other local directories in your area. Thanks for reading this info. If you need any help with selecting a new pool or have any questions about any of our products please call. Remember to stay cool this summer.

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