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Aquasports Semi In Ground Pools & Aquasport 52 Hybrid In Ground Pools

Pool Store and More is now offering a hybrid above ground pool called the Aquasport 52. This hybrid pool can be completely above ground Pool, partially in-ground Pool, or completely buried in the ground Pool. The Aquasport 52 hybrid swimming pool allows for flexibility in any backyard elevation.

About Aquasport 52
The Aquasport 52 hybrid pool is made of materials that allow it to be fully buried. The pool uses 4-inch extruded aluminum interlocking panels, which provide the strength needed to be partially a buried swimming pool or a completely underground swimming pool. It is equipped with a standard aluminum bead track that is installed with a regular beaded liner. The top rails are also made with aluminum, adding to the strength of the pool. If you decide not to bury the pool, the top rail comes in a gloss white finish matching any outdoor design scheme.

Aquasport 52 offers the best low-cost alternative to an in-ground pool, as it has the capability to be buried, either partially or fully. This flexibility allows you to build a customized deck or patio around the sides of the pool at your own pace. Save Thousands of Dollars at Pool Store and More 888 89 POOLS

Aquasport semi in ground pools

Aquasport pool grey multi tier deck
Aquasport pool grey multi tier deck

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